This year’s BC Middle Market Growth Conference keynote: we’re tackling the top leadership challenge

Keynote Nancy MacKay tells Business in Vancouver about today’s biggest leadership challenge

In today’s world, we’re all struggling to process an increasingly-high volume of content that’s coming at us very quickly. According to Dr. Nancy MacKay, this year’s BC Middle Market Growth Conference keynote, this proliferation of content puts more demands on our time and requires a faster decision-making process.

In a recent interview with Business in Vancouver, MacKay said: “Time mastery is a fundamental leadership skill in today’s world of exponential change.” She adds that most business leaders and owners don’t have the much-needed time management skills – a challenge that can often get in the way of their success.

On April 9, at the BC Middle Market Growth Conference, Dr. Nancy MacKay will share the tools and techniques of time mastery and why it’s key to effective and inspiring leadership. You can get a preview of her upcoming session in this month’s Business in Vancouver.

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About Dr. Nancy MacKay

Nancy is a CEO coach, dynamic keynote speaker, published author and former university professor. She founded MacKay CEO Forums – a high-impact, intensive peer group for more than 1,000 CEOs, executives and business owners across Canada. She’s also host of The CEO EDGE podcast and co-author of The Talent Advantage. Nancy holds a B. Math and a Master’s degree in Management Sciences from the University of Waterloo, as well as a Ph.D. in Business from Canterbury University in New Zealand.

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