Platinum Sponsor Highlight – Mogan Daniels Slager

Platinum Sponsor Highlight – Mogan Daniels Slager

Mogan Daniels Slager LLP is a boutique law firm in British Columbia focused on M&A, private equity and venture capital transactions.  We work hard to deliver great value for our fees.  We do this by providing a very high level of service at a price that reflects the value that we deliver. We seek to balance timely and practical advice, efficient work practices and a warm and genuinely caring attitude towards our clients.

We have completed over 200 transactions in the past five years, ranging in size from $250,000 to well over $100 million. Three of our clients/transactions have been awarded ACG’s “Dealmaker of the Year” in the past three years.

Industry Interests:

A significant part of our practice consists of guiding and assisting purchasers, vendors, management teams and private equity funds and angel investors in a wide variety of mergers and acquisitions, equity financings and similar transactions, including:

  • asset purchase and share purchase transactions;
  • management buy-outs, divestments, and sales of non-core assets or divisions;
  • succession planning by way of a partial or total sale of a business;
  • helping our clients plan for and implement business succession, including by way of a partial, incremental, or total sale of a business or adding experienced management;
  • assisting in the sale or financing of businesses, including partial and total sales or financing with private equity funds, management, angel investors, or strategic purchasers; and
  • private equity and venture capital fund formation and placement (investment) of capital raised.

Website: www.mdslawyers.com

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